I love Goshen’s long and rich history.

I look forward to serving our community and building on our city’s heritage. The Goshen community has rich and diverse history. I am passionate about preserving that history wherever possible while building a vibrant future for all of our residents.


Meet mATT

I’ve been a proud resident of the city of Goshen since 1965.

I attended Goshen Community Schools and graduated from Goshen High School with the Class of 1979.

I’ve spend the majority of my adult life employed at small businesses in Goshen. I possess a positive work ethic as a result.

I’ve built a successful family-owned and operated small business, Cycle Works of Goshen, established in 1992.

I’m family oriented and am very involved in the lives of my siblings, nieces, and nephews.

I care deeply for our community.

Why I’m Seeking Election

August 31, 2019

I want to make something clear: I have no secret agenda. I’m just trying to give back a little to a community that has given myself and my family a great place to live. I am doing this for all the people and small businesses in the North Goshen and East Goshen neighborhoods. To encourage common sense spending on needed infrastructure, public safety and education just to name a few. Public safety is very important to me, which includes supporting all of Goshen’s First Responders and their needs.

The well-being of our residents is also important to me. Through proper representation in city government, myself and fellow common council members along with the mayor will work together to make positive decisions for all of Goshen and its residents.

I believe that Goshen’s small businesses and entrepreneurs are the life-blood of our city. If possible, we need to help grease the rails for new businesses. A city government that works to help these individuals in a supportive way to succeed, prosper, and grow is good for everyone.

Matt Schrock