I love the unique culture that encompasses Goshen.

The large number of viewpoints and backgrounds is what makes our community so rich.


Meet mike

Q: How long have you lived in Goshen?

Since September 2008.

Q: Tell us about your family.

I have been married to Harmony Orgill for 10 years. We have four kids: Aubry (8), Elena (6), Andrew (3) and Parker (3 months).  Aubry and Elena attend Chandler Elementry.  We also have one cat named Herman.

Q: Where did you attend school?

I received my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from BYU-Idaho and a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue.  

Q: What is your current and past job experience? 

I have worked for Chore-Time for six years now. Before that I did a summer internship at Multiserve in Gent, Kentucky. Throughout high school I worked at a bowling alley.

Q: What experiences will you bring to the city council? 

I plan to bring strong analytical thinking skills and a dedication to solving tough problems with elegant solutions.

Q: Do you currently volunteer anywhere?

I have volunteered for Big Brother's Big Sister's for six years and have had the opportunity to mentor two young men during that time.