[How Mary Helped] Clerk-treasurer

Federal funds for projects are great!! However, the volume of paperwork can be daunting. There is so much paperwork, that the Engineering Department typically assembles and organizes most of the paperwork; while the Clerk-Treasurer's Office handles the money, the various funding lines and the reimbursement funds from the Indiana Department of Transportation. 

Just last year, the State Auditor's Office spent two months going through every little detail for the Federally-funded Monroe Street Trail project. I was able to work with the representative from the State Auditor's Office and Clerk-Treasurer, Tina Bontrager, in order to address their questions and concerns. 

When I asked, 'What can we do better to make this process easier for everyone?', their response was that our records were very thorough and very well organized. I was instructed to make a couple minor modifications (like putting approved by and the date in the lower right hand corner of every invoice that I approve) in to make our records more complete and their review easier. 

The federal funds are so valuable to our community, as it is another funding source that assists in making the much needed projects a reality. However, there is much paperwork and organizational skills needed when administering such funds.


Mary Cripe

As the City of Goshen Civil Engineer, I am confronted on a daily basis to make decisions that move our city forward and provide for its hardworking citizens. I have gratefully accepted this responsibility to serve you for more than 13 years. I have firsthand knowledge of what it means to be mayor and the very difficult decisions that come along with this significant leadership role. I have a solid understanding of what is required for the efficient operations of our city. I ask for your vote on November 3rd - it would be an honor to serve you in this new capacity.