[How Mary Helped] Central Garage

Did you know that the City owns a fleet of equipment valued at $11.2 million? The value of the equipment is the City's second largest investment, coming in right behind the City-owned land and buildings. 

Who takes care of and maintains this fleet of vehicles and equipment? The City's Central Garage located at 320 Steury Avenue, which was a new facility in 2013. 

Prior to 2013, the Central Garage operated out of the Water & Sewer Department located at 308 North Fifth Street along side all of the Water & Sewer Department employees and equipment. The space needs for each department left the Central Garage with tight quarters and there were environmental concerns, due to the volume of the petroleum products used by the Central Garage being located in close proximity to the City's wells that provide the drinking water for our city.

So, in 2012, I worked with the Central Garage Manager, Carl Gaines, to prepare plans to relocate the Central Garage facility to Steury Avenue. Together, we worked to make the proposed building expansion at this site host the most efficient and effective workplace for use by the Central Garage, while being accountable with the city funds. Then in Fall 2013, the Central Garage was moved to its current location directly across the street from the Street Department on Steury Avenue.

Our Central Garage works to keep all of the other departments' equipment in service, especially in each of their busy times...Street Department during the winter, Parks Department during the summer and as needed with all of the other departments. Thanks to them for all of their hard work and dedication to this city!

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Mary Cripe

As the City of Goshen Civil Engineer, I am confronted on a daily basis to make decisions that move our city forward and provide for its hardworking citizens. I have gratefully accepted this responsibility to serve you for more than 13 years. I have firsthand knowledge of what it means to be mayor and the very difficult decisions that come along with this significant leadership role. I have a solid understanding of what is required for the efficient operations of our city. I ask for your vote on November 3rd - it would be an honor to serve you in this new capacity.